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Craft Tech Cutting Tools

Craft Tech Cutting Tools Pvt. Ltd. is a company was established in year 2003-04 and registered under Indian Company Act 1956. The company is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of high quality Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs under the brand name CTCT made from the latest technology. CTCT make rotary burr cutters provide its tooling solution to its range customer from Foundry, Forging, Die casting units, Pump manufacturer, aerospace, automotive and ferrous and non-ferrous industries.

Providing a higher technology towards manufacturing industry we do provide a new edge of solution i.e cutting tools which provides higher tech based methodology to cut any piece of material.

Why Us?

  • Craft Tech Cutting Tools manufactures all shapes and sizes of Rotary Burr available as per international standard.
  • We have wide ranges of Shank selection starting from 2.5 mm till 8 mm diameter and various shank length starting from 20 mm till 300 mm length.
  • We have almost 6 different cut style, which makes our Rotary burrs work on various type of materials.
  • Craft Tech provides 4 different types of coating for special and critical application.

Our Products :

You can look into our products which already have been prooved with multiple industries and we wish it would be a best fit for you too.

We have been a great experience with our clients, Those have been using and getting satisfied.

However till now We are able develope

  1. Cylindrical Burrs With Flat End
  2. Cylindrical Burrs With End Cut
  3. Cylindrical Burrs With Radius End
  4. Spherical Shape
  5. Oval Shape
  6. Tree Shape With Radius End
  7. Tree Shape With Pointed End
  8. Flame Shape
  9. Cone shape with Radius End
  10. Cone Shape With Pointed End
  11. Inverted Cone Shape
  12. Rim Shape
  13. Rotary Burr Kit
Rotary Burrs

Choose Us :

Craft Tech Cutting Tools has been in this new edge of cutting industries and ofcourse which helps a lot manufacturing industries these days. However we havebeen trying to establish our buisness relationship with one of the leading manufacturer of TUNGSTEN CARBIDE ROTARY BURR CUTTER in India.

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