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  • Choose correct shape and size of Rotary burr with correct teeth profile as per the work piece.
  • Ensure of Pneumatic grinder used as of recommended RPM.
  • Check that the collect is the correct size and not worn or eccentric. The cutter must run true. Rotational eccentricity produces a type of hammering that will affect the finish of the work and affect the life of the teeth and the shank.
  • Make sure of 2/3 of the shank should be grip tightly inside the collect. Avoid excess over hanging i n case of Long shank. Ensure min 35-40 mm of the shank should be inside the collect.
  • Use proper safety gears like eye glasses, mask, ear protection, gloves during the use of Rotary Burr.
  • Ensure the Job Piece should be held tightly in the Vice or Jig. During the operation. Preferable to place the job piece isolate inside a transparent chamber during the de-burring operation.
  • Apply constant movement and light pressure when in use. Remove high spots first and then traverse the work. Excessive pressure should not be applied as this can cause brazing failure at the joining of the Carbide Head with the Steel Shank.
  • Replace worn out rotary burr with the new one, it is unsafe to used Rotary burr after its life.
  • Don’t Use Rotary Burr at inappropriate place and hazardous condition.